Have you had the ambition of always wearing a little something in your hair? 
You have been eyeing up or already bought in to the hair clip trends? 
Hair accessories come with a reputation of high-maintenance and all-day upkeep, but with a little bit of preparation and planning there's really no extra exertion needed.  The opposite is true.  It is simple.
So, you want to know how to wear hair clips all day? Stop that hair clip or barrette from slipping down? Find the perfect hair accessory that doesn't damage your hair? Great. You've come to the right place.
Here is a few tips how to style your hair and your hair clips and accessories.
Select the pieces that work with your hair or head shape - and not against them -these  are always the ones you return to. Whether it's a one-summer-only flirtation with hair clips or the start of a new love affair, the key to becoming a hair accessory girl is all about a little preparation and selecting smartly. 
If you have textured or curly hair, then crocodile clips that open and close are a safer, more comfortable bet. Also, don't be lazy when it comes to taking them out, just pulling freely.

If your hair is curly, puffy, heavy or natural curly with volume, you might need a little help in staying put - especially if you want to style with heavy adornment on top. Weigh them down by securing with grips behind the ears and apply hairspray across the top of the head before quickly placing it in.
Before adding accessories, it's vital that you prepare the area of the hair you'll be adding to with a great hairspray. But be aware. It is advised to let the spray sit and dry before putting the hair clips in. Do not spare over as they might tarnish or damage. 
Use a hair clip or barrette where your hair parts if you're wearing it down, wavy, straight, or curly. For straight hair, add a hair clip to both sides, or just one at the side of your part. Placing a few smaller or thinner clips or bobby pins just above the ear is also a simple and subtle option.
Oh, and one more advise! For those kinds such is  BELLA or sparkly BONNIE Still life hair clip we recommend to grip them with closing end towards the face so the crocodile grip is at the back not front.  This means you will end up with the hair clip gliding more to your hair. 
If clips feel a little too much commitment, hairbands or a bandana might be the option for you. Trying on styles is vital as their shapes differ, just like all our heads do. If it's pinching from the moment you place it on your head, don't even think about taking it home. Rarely do they stretch and you'll be left with a headache and something you can never wear again.
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Looking to the large number ready to shop now, these are very much surface-level adornment. These aren't pieces to largely hold hair in place or secure an up-do, they are there to look pretty. Use hair elastics and kirby gribs/thin bobby pins to place the style first - always first - and then carefully place the fabulous finishing touch on top. Shop on line, or visit out stockists or nearest pop up. 
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(Source: Vogue.com & Stilllife. store)

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