New brand on the block ... Introducing LEMON SODA studio

Jewellery has great importance in a woman’s life because it can make us feel special, stylish and beautiful. For many women jewellery is surely the most superlative item. The importance of jewellery in women’s life can be explained by the fact that they love to wear it since ages.

Our ethos: 

Women are passionate about jewellery simply because it represents a symbol of femininity and even social status. It represents our love and commitment to the relationship for both yourself and others to see.  For many of us jewellery symbolises a rite of passage in our life, it becomes part of us.

Gifting jewellery is a beautiful act and can hold a special meaning, however if we have to wait for that occasion it may take forever. To purchase jewellery for herself is nothing unusual for an independent woman. She should not need to wait for that occasion. Our pieces are made for all and for everyday whether it is to pass on joy to others by gifting or to treat yourself.

Jewellery made by Lemon Soda studio is just about that! 

Our story: 

Lemon soda pieces are created to become part of your everyday. You will never want to take them off. It is something that makes you feel feminine, confident, powerful and and will become an extension of yourself. It is your personal self expression.

All women know that feeling when we leave our piece of jewellery on the bed side table or at the bath sink by accident. That feeling of something missing. We create pieces that truly connect with their wearer. Something that completes you and your own individual style.

With ever lasting love for jewellery, especially silver, wearing it everyday as her own  personal statement, creative director Tereza started looking for silversmiths in Bali to create her own personal collection of pieces that last and become timeless to her. Later she has created a line for friends and family which has become a success and sold out quickly.

¨Often being asked about my personal jewellery I wore, I have decided to design a personal line of pieces that are inspired by jewellery I often wear and get asked about. Some of the pieces I designed were inspired by those that were given to me by my mother therefore have strong sentimental value. Other pieces I have purchased around small markets or no name stores around the world, usually made out of inexpensive metals that sadly did not last. Other more expensive silver pieces I fell in love with were either bought for myself rewarding myself or something that would become a memory of the place or the moment. 

Lemon soda name came up while staying in Bali. It is simply my personal favourite refreshment that I drink almost everyday and why wouldn't I call a new brand the same as my own personal essential!

All pieces are handmade by local artisans in Bali. We use sterling silver and 18k and 24k gold plate of highest quality for longevity.

Handcrafted demi - fine contemporary jewellery for the everyday. 


Jewellery that doesn’t need an occasion. Long lasting sterling silver. 

Fair Prices.  Always ethical.


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