Over the last few months a jewellery trend has emerged onto the scene and it's definitely one that I've been trying out and loving.  Signet rings, formerly know as the 'Gentleman's ring' go way back to the old testament.  Traditionally worn on the pinky finger the signet ring often bore an engraving of the family crest or his initials. But as with most things that started with men, us gals are claiming them for our own and they've become the latest addition to everyone's bling wish-list.  But if you want the really good news, Still life store have also picked up on to this trend bringing you affordable high in quality signet rings for you handmade by our newcomer sister brand LEMON SODA STUDIOS . ( We can't wait to reveal more about this project in the near future. )



In terms of styling the simplicity of a signet ring worn on the pinky finger (as tradition would suggest) but this one is a middle finger. It is pretty effective but if you're not so much of a minimalist then pair with other signets or delicate stacking rings on your other fingers. There are no rules here, just let your style speak for itself.

Enjoy x 





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