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Hair clips worn by our muse Karolina.

We not only wanted to showcase our new range but also bring you a few tips of how to wear beautiful barrettes by Still life collection...    


We adore Alex's charm and fashion and she apparently loves our barrettes. It was then natural to pair up and show off how she styles her looks with our hair clips and browsing favourite spots in Old Town Prague.  Photos by the wonderful  Filip Hlad  Thank you for lovely pictures!          

TRENDING: Hair accessiories from the 90's are back!

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Photo courtesy ELLE CZECH magazine, shot by Hana Knížová  If you were a child or teen of the '90s there's a very good chance that at one point in your life you were seen wearing those tiny butterfly hair clips. Now, two decades later, this beloved trend is making a comeback and barrettes and hair clips have started popping up on the heads of your favorite Instagrammers and fashion people. But instead of running to Claire's like you did in the past to restock on clips (a moment of silence for all of the hair ties, bobby pins, and hair accessories...

Still life of ARCA JEWELLERY

  Photography: Tomas Mikule  Art Direction and set design : Tereza Bila  


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Who is Thierry Porter? Where are you from and how did you become an illustrator?I’m from a small town in Hertfordshire called Ware, just north of London. I never really knew I wanted to become an illustrator until actually starting a degree in illustration, which was when I really started to enjoy the whole process of it and to understand the impact it can have. Do you remember the first time you came across illustration? What affect did it have on you? I don’t remember specifically the first time I came across an illustration but throughout university I started to...

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