Introducing VNESS

VNESS - The story of female empowerement. 
Who is Siska Jorgensen? Where do you come from and how did you become a jewellery brand owner?
I am a 26 years old Danish girl. Ever since I was little I have always been creative and have had small shops where I sell things I made to my friends. And in the recent years, I have wanted to create something more meaningful. I actually never have been a jewellery girl myself, I always thought the jewellery you could buy was too feminine for me. But then I got the idea to attach value and meaning to jewellery and make them in a cool more statement kind of way, which fits with my own personal taste.
What is VNESS and where does the name come from?
VNESS is my personal passion project, challenging the norms in society and embracing women for who we are. VNESS is a brand that is made for women, to make them feel something when wearing their V necklace and to show awareness towards vaginas and their individual beauty. VNESS celebrates the female vagina and Venus, the goddess from Greek mythology, inspired the name, as she is a symbol of women and beauty, but further Venus also a synonym for the Vagina. Lastly, I wanted to give the brand a feeling of togetherness, hereby that we are all one and must support and empower each other – so this is the meaning behind the name of VNESS.  
What are the core values of your brand?
Women, self-love, self-confidence, and empowerment. I hope is that my necklaces will give the owner something in return, make them feel themselves more and empower them to be proud of who they are. 
Can you describe the process that led you to creating VNESS? 
I was working in a PR agency abroad and had an amazing manager who helped me grow as a person and become more confident in myself. In this process, we had some jewellery brands in our showroom and none of them made any pieces I would wear, which gave me the motivation to create some on myself, something with meanings and a statement attached to it, but it still had to be fun. I wanted to convey what I felt inside, my own personal growth and give other women some power and self-love, and what better represents women than Vaginas?
Why the vagina? 
The vagina is for me, the ultimate symbol of women strength. Only us women are so lucky to have a vagina, but in society, the vagina is never mentioned and many feel embarrassed about it. I want to change that view because we as women need to love ourselves and our vagina. 
Can you talk a bit more about the reasoning behind choosing this symbol?
I believe the vaginas communicate a very strong statement, and by wearing such a symbol around your neck I hope to make women feel brave and confident. I chose to create four motifs of the vagina, representing that all vaginas are different. 
VNESS is about embracing diversity and individuality. Is this an issue you connect with on a personal level? 
Growing up in a small city, the culture I come from was more about fitting in than standing out. It was only in my recent years I started to value my individuality and found the power to be myself, despite others’ opinions about me. I actually believe it is difficult for many to trust themselves, to say their opinion out loud and feel confident in who they are. I don’t want to judge anybody here in life, you never know which baggage a person is carrying and today I only see the beauty in being different.
 What kind of materials does VNESS use and how do they represent the brand’s core values?
All VNESS necklaces are made in 925 sterling silver and 18 carat high polished gold, by a professional goldsmith in Germany. It is of great importance for me that I know that my necklaces are made by healthy people with good skills earning a good salary, instead of cutting prices by outsourcing production to third world countries, where you don’t know who makes your products, how they are made and if the people are working in good conditions. By that, women can also wear their necklaces with a clear conscience and be sure that only good energy is put into them in the making. All packaging is made locally in Denmark and it is important for me to support my community and our planet. 
Female sexuality is still a taboo topic for a lot of people in today’s society. Have you encountered and negative feedback on the mission of your brand? 
Never. Many people may act surprised or embarrassed, but I never encountered any negative feedback. 
What would you say to people who still have trouble acknowledging that women should be free to explore and own their sexuality?
That they need to work on themselves, if they have such need to decide on/judge on other people’s happiness and needs. We should all be free to do exactly what we want and be free to feel how we feel.
Author: Tereza Gladišová 

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