WILHELMINA GARCIA (WG) is a jewellery brand inspired by Wonderland. 

A brand launched (2012) by the influence and need of having a special space to create and be inspired by magic, leaving aside the hectic day-life of reality to a world full of fantasy and dreams. The designer, Rocio Canals, is the multifaceted creative that goes behind the name of Wilhelmina Garcia a pseudonym and magical persona that she created to design and reinvented herself again through the jewellery where she tell stories. For her, wonderland is a place,   a scene or a state of mind of great and strange beauty and wonder where she feels comfortable to design and create the perfect piece. 

Wilhelmina Garcia Still life store


She had always worked as an Art Director for luxury goods and fashion advertising in New York and Paris, cities full of beautiful chaos where she always could found the inspiration and curiosity on her paths to create a brand like WG with timeless and enchanting jewellery pieces of worldwide curiosity. 
The jewellery, has its own journey, some of the collections where inspired by her trips and day life fun. All come from anecdotal memories, designed and delicately handcrafted at her studio placed in the heart of Barcelona, where she works with precious and semi precious stones sourced carefully from around the world and great care using of diamonds in all the collections made of 18kt gold and silver ethically conflict-free. 


Wilhelmina Garcia is more than a piece of jewellery, is a carrier of special meaning of forms, materials and stones who gives new vibrants ways that speaks directly to our heart and fantasies to be playful and became what we want to be. All the collections are special and unique but at the same time they are real and human where you could use your imagination and own fantasies to recreate your dream world. 


You would see and found more of this enchanting jewellery brand and talented woman designer featuring in publications and being appreciated by international retailers and press worldwide who always seeks for a glimpse of magic and fantastic stories of this modern fine jewellery brand style that is Wilhelmina Garcia.




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