What Do You Know About Symbolism of Rings and Fingers? 


When thinking of wearing a ring, most people would automatically think of putting it on their fourth (ring) finger, despite being commonly associated with engagement or marriage. However, some people choose to wear their rings on other fingers. While this could be a coincidence, wearing a ring on each finger sends different messages and holds different meanings and associations, from personal or cultural beliefs to occupation. Explore with us what each one of them expresses and the intriguing theories behind them!

Ring on the Thumb Finger

Wearing a ring on the thumb finger of the active hand reflects ambitious hesitation. On the other hand, wearing it on the passive hand indicates inner conflict. According to palmistry, a ring on the thumb finger indicates willpower and self-assertion. Furthermore, throughout history, wearing a ring on either thumb symbolised wealth and status and, thus, was often reserved for the high class. 


Ring on the Index Finger

The index finger represents leadership, authority, and self-esteem. Therefore, when you wear a ring on the index finger on the active hand, you express your leadership qualities as well as confidence. If you wear a ring on the index finger of your passive hand, it shows that you accept leadership from other people. Interestingly, in some cultures, traditional Jewish for example, the index finger is reserved for wedding ceremonies. However, a ring on the index finger for many others is just a fashion statement.

Ring on the Middle Finger

While wearing a ring on your middle finger does not necessarily hold any special meaning, which is why it is a little uncommon to find someone wearing a ring on the middle finger, the middle finger itself represents beauty, responsibility, and self-analysis. Furthermore, due to the middle finger being the longest finger, some believe that a ring worn on this finger indicates responsibility and power. This could be the reason why they say that the family head should wear a ring on their middle finger. 

Ring on the Ring Finger

The ring finger symbolises love, beauty, creativity, and relationships. Symbolically, it is linked with the moon and romantic relationships. Therefore, wearing a ring on this finger is commonly associated with love and compatibility as people usually wear engagement rings on this finger. However, engagement is not the only thing that it can symbolise. Ring on the ring finger, left or right, depending on the country and culture, can also express chastity, romantic promise, or marital status. 

Ring on the Little (Pinky) Finger

Wearing a ring on the little finger is a bold way of indicating that the wearer is a good negotiator. This links to the little fingers generally symbolising intuition, intelligence, communication, and persuasion. At the same time, the ring on the right pinky also represents professional status or is a symbol of graduating with specific degrees, for example, engineering. In the past, wearing two rings on this finger also indicated marital status. However, this applied to men only. 

Despite these meanings and symbolism behind the placement of a ring being fascinating, at this time and age, the decision of how you wear your rings is a personal choice. However, it is good to know the significance your preference might have had in the past as well as what they might indicate to some people. Now, all there is left to do is decide for yourself which rings you’d like to wear on which finger. 

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