Our Philosophy


Welcome to Still life, where we push boundaries and create unique jewelry and accessories.

In our studio, our modern pearls come to life through authentic design, carefully crafted handmade jewellery in limited editions. Our creations are not just ornaments; they express individuality that you won't find elsewhere.

At the heart of Still life lies a deep desire to emphasize your personal expression.

We believe that jewellery and accessories speak their own language, allowing you to express emotions, style, and identity without uttering a word. Our collections arise from the fusion of originality and top-notch craftsmanship, serving as a canvas for expressing your uniqueness.

We don't just design pieces; we encourage you to embrace your personal style.

Our story stems from the journey of our founder and designer, with 15 years of experience as an Art director. In 2017, her path shifted, leading to the establishment of a project rooted in love for modern classics and a passion for art and design.

Our commitment to art is linked to our dedication to sustainability. Still life is not just a brand; it's a conscious choice. Each handmade piece of jewellery and accessory is a testament to our belief in durability and value.

A collective of independent artisans on the island of Bali creates your jewellery, with each crafted piece revealing their expertise and dedication. By supporting these artists, we cultivate a community where traditional craftsmanship continues to thrive.

Our collaboration with local artisans from the island of Bali is crucial to us. We believe in community support and sustainable development. In partnership with these artists, our jewellery becomes not only unique pieces but also carriers of traditional methods and techniques passed down from generation to generation. We support these local artists and their traditional way of life, believing that their artistic works carry deep meaning and a unique energy that mass production factories cannot provide. Each piece of jewellery we create is a testament not only to our passion for design but also to the respect for traditional artisan skills.

Jewelry-making is an intensive affair, an art that combines love, care, and attention to detail. Our mission is to create high-quality jewellery collections that go beyond mere appearance or fashion trends. We are here to encompass your emotions, blend urban dynamics with natural serenity, and materialize your journey through pieces that will resonate with you throughout your life.

What sets us apart is not only our design but also the essence of our creative process. We don't just buy from distant mass factories; our jewelry is authentic and handmade. Every step bears our individuality, designed by our founder and meticulously crafted by a small collective of silversmiths. Each piece is a testament to artistic value and authenticity. We believe in supporting the power of individuality—the strength that arises from embracing a unique path that belongs solely to you. We invite you to follow our idea: "No one is like you, and that is your strength."

We are here to help you discover your inner self, rather than following the crowd.