Stories of our bestsellers.

The creative process is a fascinating journey that goes beyond the ordinary and enters the extraordinary. It's a pursuit of inspiration, a path that leads me to perceive the beautiful patterns of nature and the rich stories of history and art. I infuse a part of myself into each piece. They become messages of thoughts and feelings, with the purpose of igniting a spark in your heart. My jewelry is more than an adornment; they are a reflection of the complexity of life, a reminder of the beauty of the world, and the uniqueness of their wearers.

Come with me and explore the stories of our jewelry.



The "Boulder" ring is a unique fusion of two different worlds that have come together to create something fascinating. Its name is inspired by nature and reminiscent of an impressive boulder. It also pays tribute to the incredible artist Alexander Calder and his fantastic paintings and kinetic sculptures.

Calder once said, "Just as one can compose colors or forms, so one can compose motions." This means he enjoyed creating things that looked fluid and resembled natural shapes. Our "Boulder" ring does something similar, inspired by Calder's style.

This ring grabs attention because it's not like ordinary rings. It has a distinctive shape that stands out and is perfect for people who appreciate unique items. What's so great about it is that it combines the beauty of nature with the artistic ideas for which Calder was renowned. The result is a ring that merges these two different influences into one amazing design.




The "Roma" ring captures the strong essence of the capital city of Rome and the indomitable spirit of the Colosseum. It draws inspiration from Roman architecture, celebrates the beauty of simplicity, and reflects the elegance that can be seen in ancient Roman structures.

Much like the Colosseum reflects the visions of the past, the "Roma" ring embodies these qualities. Its clean lines and strong form pay homage to Roman design and functionality. This ring carries both the essence of history and grandeur, as well as the stories that unfolded within its circular walls.

Designed for those who appreciate tradition and modernity, the "Roma" ring interprets classic style. It combines the essence of timeless Roman aesthetics with modern simplicity. The "Roma" ring is unisex.




The freshwater pearl necklace was our very first design from the pearl necklace collection, created at the beginning of 2020. I'm proud that it soon became one of your favorite treasures. Freshwater pearls were intentionally chosen for their unique, imperfect shapes. I love the beauty found within imperfections.

The arrangement of pearls, gradually increasing in size, draws inspiration from the elegant phases of the moon. Our approach to knotting these pearls harks back to traditional methods but with our own modern touch. In the past, the knots were discreet and nearly invisible. This careful knotting not only ensured the security of these precious pearls but also that if the thread were to ever break, your treasures wouldn't be lost.

Our contemporary knotting technique, however, carries more than just function. The knots between each pearl symbolize happiness. In many cultures, tying knots or adorning something with knots signified the arrival of joy and positivity.

For the selection, you can choose from one of three iconic Still life colors:
Red, symbolizing eternal and bountiful life.
Black, a popular choice signifying our resilience in the face of a turbulent world.
Nude beige, offering a sense of calm and elegance, evoking simplicity, warmth, and tenderness.

With love,

Tereza, the founder and creative soul behind Still life