About us

Still life
At Still life we want to make you, our customers, feel special. As we believe that jewellery and accessories speak louder than words, we want you to be able to express yourself and your individual style through our unique jewellery and accessory pieces. By carefully selecting curated pop-up edits from emerging designers from across the world and creating original high-quality designs, we hope to evoke passion for art in you so you really feel connected to our brand.
We create pieces that make you feel confident and b
ring out your own individual style and allure.
Our Journey
After working as a creative director in the field of fashion for more than a decade and a half, Tereza decided to continue her creative pursuit by establishing a brand on her own in 2017.
Born out of Tereza’s passion for modern classics and inspired by her love for art and design, still life objects, she connects timeless jewellery, accessory and fashion trends with the unique style of emerging designers or our own collaborations and creations.
Products with value
Being a curated online store and brand with passion for art, fashion as well as ethics and sustainability, Still life offers a selection of hand-crafted jewellery and hair accessory trends that we believe to be timeless and that you can cherish for a lifetime.
As we believe in the impact of thoughtful sourcing and fair wages, we always do our best to source directly and select our suppliers based on their certificates and reliability. Therefore, you can be sure that all your favourite Still life products were made responsibly by jewellers that dedicate themselves to the trade and, just like us at Still life, believe in sustainable products.
Lemon Soda Studios - Our sister label
Last year we helped to create a new project and a collective that we call Lemon Soda Studio which is now our sister label which we are very proud of. Lemon Soda Studio puts together a group of independent and skillful artisans and resources around the island of Bali. They craft your beautiful jewellery that you can purchase on our website. This project aims to help and collaborate with those artisans that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic as the Island of Bali has closed its borders to tourism and business for almost two years now. We are happy we can give back  and support the local community while they are utilising their craftsmanship skills to create our collections for you.

Made with Love and Care
Our mission is to create high-quality demi-fine and fine collections of jewellery that are made with love and care, attention to detail, with high-quality proceeds and treatments for the best result of longevity yet at affordable prices and without unnecessary high markups. We care about the differences in the market and we care about quality. We always use the best professional skills and the best  techniques and materials we can source.
If you have more questions about how we work please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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 Still life