As a self-taught jewellery designer, I find inspiration in ordinary yet extraordinary objects and shapes. Nature's folds and the realm of art have always captivated my imagination. The exploration of still life compositions has played a significant role in merging these elements and shaping my creative process.

Shapes, colours, and materials ignite my imagination, generating numerous ideas. However, translating them into elegant and wearable pieces poses a delightful challenge.

My evolving eclectic style, blending casualness with a distinctive touch, now resonates deeply with me. I find inspiration in the contrast between my small village origins in eastern Czechia and the bustling city life of London. Living on Bali's exotic island further enriches my perspective.

Designing allows me to blend tranquility with chaos, harmonising black and white, and merging urban and natural elements. By connecting these dots, I create jewellery that captures my journey and resonates with wearers, carrying their own personal significance.

Tereza x