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Friendship Bracelet - Black

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Wearing a friendship bracelet is a symbolic act that shows how much you value your best friends!

Silk cord.
River pearls.
Keshi pearls.
Silver beads and components and gold plated 18k.

Friendship bracelets

Each individual component, selected and made with the utmost love and care, represents and continues the essence of friendship.

A luxurious and strong silk thread tied around your wrist, forming the base of the bracelet, depicts a strong bond between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend that is hard to break. Freshwater pearls symbolize purity and were also believed to strengthen relationships between people, according to various myths. In addition, the hematite gemstones adorning some of the bracelets in our collection are known to ward off negative energy and bring strength to the wearer, not only in terms of self-confidence, but also relationships that strengthen and stabilize. Combining a minimalist yet luxurious look with their symbolic representation of the purity, strength and stability of friendship makes them the perfect gift and everyday accessory for you and your beloved girlfriends.

Just choose the one that suits you best.

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